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population growth
A book clearly dedicated to preserving a certain quality of life for future generations of Americans.
–Anne Manetas, Director Environmental Projects, NumbersUSA
The Population Fix
The Problems of Population Growth
The Solution to Population Growth
FAQs of Population Density

This website is designed to provide information about The Population Fix: Breaking America’s Addiction To Population Growth (TPF), and about its author, Edward C. Hartman. It will also tell you what some readers and reviewers have had to say about TPF, how you can order the book, when and where Ed Hartman will be available for book signings and lectures, and how you can contact him.

On the left banner of this page you will see buttons which will take you to pages regarding each of the topics above. You will also see a button which can be used by media representatives to obtain biographies, photos, and other media information, and a button which will take you to print and Internet articles written by Ed Hartman regarding various population issues.

Buttons in the top (red) banner will take you to pages describing “Problems” created by America’s addiction to population growth and also to pages discussing some “Solutions.” And there is a button which takes you to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

As you explore, you will find the buttons of the left banner and the top banner remain the same, but the buttons on the right banner will change according to which left banner or top banner buttons you activate.

We hope you find this website both easy to use and useful. If you have any questions about or about TPF, we encourage you to contact us at:

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Breaking America's Addiction to Population Growth

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